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The city is in desperate need of volunteers to help with distribution of relief items at the Swingster Building on Government Street. If you are willing to help sort clothing, unload donated items from trucks, distribute ice and food please just show up at the Swingster location each morning. Ask for Carl King Distribution Manager or if he is not available tell any of the workers there you read of this on Alderman Dalgo's website and they will assign you with a duty. Thank you in advance for this much needed service to your community.


Received the following information from city hall:

Ocean Springs Ministerial Alliance -
set up a Disaster Relief Fund, a non-profit, interdenominational organization of local ministers set up this account through Hancock Bank, and is accepting contributions for humanitarian efforts including helping people with food, clothing, shelter, including getting them back into a home, making needed home repairs, etc. Contributions can be made to The Ocean Springs Ministerial Alliance Disaster Relief Fund c/o Hancock Bank (


Rebuild Ocean Springs: Recovery for the City of Discovery -- Ocean Springs, originally founded in 1699, is known as "The City of Discovery" for its place in the history of the Gulf Coast region. Accepting donations to rebuild Ocean Springs with contributions accepted for both short-term needs (humanitarian relief) and long-term needs (repairing schools, repairing infrastructure, planning for waterfront redevelopment to highest and best use, establishing new zoning and building codes, etc.). The City of Ocean Springs is working to set up and administer the Rebuild Ocean Springs Fund. Individual and organizations interested in contributing can contact The Mayor’s Office to indicate their interest and more information will be provided as this rebuilding effort is formalized, 228-875-4236.


Individuals and Organizations have been bringing in supplies, etc. Anyone who wants to deliver products for distribution to hurricane victims can contact the Ocean Springs Points of Distribution Coordinator Carl King, 228-861-7615. Hearts With Hands, based in Asheville, N.C. (1-800-726-9185, -- Set up and staffs one of the city's two Points of Distribution (POD's), a tent-city at Gay Lemon Field. The American Red Cross staffs the other POD at the Swingster Building on Government Street. Mr. King coordinates all shipments to both locations.


Builders Without Borders of Texas ( - brought in supplies, and are bringing additional shipments, including building materials, tools. 



    St. Paul United Methodist Church, Ocean Springs-Church sites were used for two Red Cross shelters

    Christus Victor Lutheran Church, Ocean Springs-Church used as a Red Cross special needs shelter, Lutheran Ministries outreach programs have brought large quantities of disaster relief donations.

    First Baptist Church, Ocean Springs-Church volunteers have been cooking for and feeding city staff and officials, Emergency Operations and Civil Defense workers, etc., daily! (Last night was home-made chicken and dumplings, hominy, and many more Southern "comfort" foods.)  

    New Life Community Church, Chicago, IL-church members saw hurricane coverage on WGN Channel 9 and organized relief efforts, some of the very first water and ice, etc., received in the city came from this church's efforts. Additional shipments are coming from them to Ocean Springs.

    Episcopal Church of the Redeemer, Ocean Springs-organizing local efforts and efforts in conjunction with visiting Episcopal groups, to go into neighborhoods and assist individual clean-up efforts (particularly for the elderly and disabled), such as debris management, tree removal, clean-up, etc. Mayor Connie Moran came home one day to find they had cut downed trees and cleaned up her yard as well!

    All Churches - through individual efforts and by joining with local congregations within their denominations, churches have been pitching in to help with all aspects of hurricane recovery.


Other Cities:

    Mayors from Washington Township, New Jersey; Parkville, Missouri; and Hollandale Beach, Florida; - each have contacted Mayor Connie Moran, the city's first female mayor and the Coast's only female mayor, who took to her first public office only a few weeks before Katrina and is now spearheading the city's rebuilding efforts. Their cities are "adopting" Ocean Springs and are sending needed emergency supplies but also are offering expertise in planning, zoning, rebuilding as all have experience with urban planning and/or disaster recovery.  


Rotary International's individual chapters-Ocean Springs Rotary Club has been working with visiting chapters who have been bringing in food, etc. (For example, an Alabama chapter came with supplies and set up a station to cook and serve meals to people waiting in line at the Swingster POD.) Other local chapters of national organizations and associations may contact local counterparts to coordinate relief efforts.


Medical Professionals (such as the California Nurses Association)-Volunteers are working in conjunction with Ocean Springs Hospital to set up a fast track for individuals who come to the Emergency Room needing tetanus shots; groups are beginning to go into devastated areas to offer medical assistance, tetanus shots, etc. 


Current Needs:

    Funds and materials for long-term shelter residents such as coffee and coffee filters, personal camping supplies such as individual camp stoves, light weight sleeping bags, single air mattresses, hearty non-perishable meals such as canned chili, stews, etc., infant needs, toothpaste and toothbrushes, razors, shaving cream, antibacterial soap, moist wipes (contact the Ocean Springs Points of Distribution Coordinator Carl King, 228-861-7615);

     Funds and materials for individual clean up efforts such as mops, bleach, antibacterial gel wash, work gloves and masks, disinfecting sprays, cleaning supplies (contact the Ocean Springs Points of Distribution Coordinator Carl King, 228-861-7615);

     Funds and materials for debris clean-up efforts such as chainsaws, oil, gas cans, saws, tools, light machinery, etc. (contact the Ocean Springs Points of Distribution Coordinator Carl King, 228-861-7615);

     Volunteers to staff emergency centers and assist with a wide variety of efforts, including debris removal from those physical or economic difficulties;

     Funds and materials for education efforts, including getting children back to school on Sept. 26, as schools and individual classrooms are damaged, supplies are damaged, computer labs and computers are damaged;    

    Funds and expertise for long-term planning, infrastructure, building code development, zoning, etc.



    City water approved as potable; electrical service being restored; city sewer is still under repair, but is largely functional on an emergency basis using generators, etc.; telephone service being restored but will take through November to get service to many; mail delivery service has been restored in many areas; garbage pick up has resumed regular schedule; debris clean up and removal is beginning as city streets are now fully functioning for at least one lane of traffic; FEMA Individual Recovery Center has opened within the City at the old K-Mart location on Hwy. 90 across from Ocean Springs Hospital.




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