Ocean Springs

This chart shows a breakdown of your Total Property Tax bill in Ocean Springs.

Notice that the total millage for the current 2001-2002 fiscal year is right at 160 mills. (what is a mill anyway?)

If your home has a value of $125,000.00 its assessed value will be $12,500.00 (value x 10%).   
You would then pay $12.50 per mill or approximately $2,000.00 in total property taxes. 
($12.50 x  159.999 mills = $1,999.99). 

Filing for Homestead Exemption credit will lower this bill significantly.

"Ocean Springs"


5 Year View of O.S.
School & City Millage Levy

It is the City's portion of your municipal tax bill, shown in gray in the chart below, that the Board of Aldermen appropriates each year. For the current fiscal year, this is 18% of your total property tax bill (or 29.121 Mills).



Here is how these 29 mills were allocated

General Fund                  

23.921 Mills

Park Commission                                  

2.00 Mills
Municipal Bond and Interest             1.930 Mills
Library                                                  1.270 Mills

So how many dollars will 29 Mills bring in to the general operating budget of the city?

In fiscal year 2000, tax on Real property in Ocean Springs produced just over 1.3 million dollars for the General Operating Fund. Personal Property and auto taxes produced another 408 thousand dollars. And approximately 200 thousand was collected in interest and penalties.

Total property tax revenues for our city in fiscal 2000 was $1,949,288. 
This year, property tax revenues are expected to be just over 2.3 million dollars.

To put that in perspective, the projected cost of providing police and fire protection this year is in excess of 3.8 million dollars. In fact, total expenditures for the city services that are funded by the General Fund for fiscal 2002, are projected to be well in excess of 8 million dollars!

There are other services provided by the city that are not funded through taxes but through fees. I am referring to water, sewer, and garbage collection. Ocean Springs relies heavily on Sales Tax revenues. These funds make up a significant portion of the city's total revenues. In Mississippi, cities receive "sales tax diversions" from the state every month. These funds represent the City's portion of the retail taxes collected within the corporate limits from a prior month. Of the 7% collected in retail sales tax on every dollar spent within our city limits, 18.5% is rebated or "diverted" back to the city. To review how Ocean Springs stacks up against other Mississippi communities in sales tax receipts click here.


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