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If there is any information that you would like posted on this page please forward it to me via email or just call me at 875-8284 and give me the information over the phone. I have purchased enough web server space to accommodate many pages for you, so if you have any pictures you would like posted send those along as well. ~ Jerry

With the assistance of our building department and the City Planner we tried to get the owner of the vacant lots in your neighborhood to keep them cut. After several letters we got absolutely no response from him. A private citizen cut one of the lots on the Faulkner cul-de-sac when we were unable to get a response. I am reviewing the existing ordinances that address this issue and I will work toward a solution that will force these lot owners into compliance. It's unfortunate that tax paying property owners have to deal with a nuisance such as this. 

Working with the school system, Public Works, as well as Chief Belk we have come up with a solution to the problem we were having with the school children getting off the bus in the afternoon. The school zone sign has been moved to include both Stark Bayou and Promenade entrances as well. Keeping the 15 MPH speed zone during school hours has been helping the situation too. We explored the possibility of putting a 4-way stop at your entrance, but I now believe it would be too dangerous stopping traffic in that area. I have asked the police chief to do what he can to control the speeding that we have been seeing. I am also looking into the possibility of an overhead caution light on Government at the entrance similar to the one at Heron Bayou.

I spoke with Curtis Terry who lives south of Promenade on Government. He has no problem with anyone who wants to walk their child to school by walking through his yard. His back yard is accessible I believe from the 2nd house on the right as you enter Promenade. Walking to his front yard will put you right where Miss Mimi directs traffic in the morning and afternoon. Let me know if you want to give this a try and I can meet you there one morning.

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