Did you know that the City of Ocean Springs:

...was founded by the French in 1699 with the establishment of Fort Maurepas and is one of the oldest cities in the nation

...was settled as a colonial fishing village and experienced very limited growth until steamer service began between Mobile and New Orleans in 1820-30's
...began to grow as a resort community with the discovery of mineral springs near Old Fort Bayou in the 1850's

...planted the live oaks that are along the streets of town in the 1850's

...underwent a transition in the 1870's when the central business district transitioned from the waterfront to the railroad
...streetscape has changed very little downtown in the last 60-70 years
...began to grow east of Washington Ave. during the post-World War I era

...was visited frequently by architect Louis Sullivan and that Frank Lloyd Wright may have designed several cottages here, while working for Sullivan

...is recognized as having the highest per capita income in the state of Mississippi
...grew in population by 19% from 14,504 in 1980 to 17,225 in 2000
...is projected to have a population of 24,327 by the year 2020

...had an average home valuation in 1998 of  $124,695.00, well above the coast average of $94,962.00

...has 8 historic districts: The Old Ocean Springs, Indian Springs, Marble Springs, Lovers' Lane, Bowen Avenue, Railroad, Sullivan-Charnley, and Shearwater Historic Districts
...is approximately 9 square miles in size

...was named Lynchburg Springs by the 15 families who lived here in 1853

...got its name from Dr. George W. Austin, a New Orleans physician who established a sanitarium to take advantage of the health-giving springs.

...was established as a municipality in 1892

Ocean Springs

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