Ocean Springs

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3 Way Stop: We have made the intersection of Booth Circle and Linnet Drive in Herron Bayou a 3 Way Stop. This was in response to requests made of residents near the area. We have a lot of children on bikes in this area especially in the summer months and there is a lot of traffic at the intersection of Linett and Booth . It will take a little while for motorists to adjust, but the signs will provide safety to the area.

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Traffic Sentry: I have asked the P.D. to place the electronic speed monitor in several of our neighborhoods. Some of our streets like Bergerac shown here in Bienville Place are very wide and motorists tend to drive faster on them than they would a narrow street. This will be a good reminder to slow it down when traveling in these neighborhoods. Look at those beautiful lawns!

Bienville Place Entrance: The Bergerac entrance to Bienville Place has undergone a major facelift. Thanks to City Planner Donovan Scruggs for his efforts in removing the old palms and plants. New plants, trees, and a new sprinkler system has been installed.

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Magnolia Bayou Entrance: Both north and south entrances to the neighborhood have been completed by the homeowner's group. Sprinkler systems are in place at both locations and are fully operational now. Thanks to Public Works for their efforts and to the Board for supporting this project. It really looks nice!




Pabst Road: I recently had the entrance to Pabst Road paved. This road is heavily used by Magnolia Bayou Residents and it was getting too many pot hole repairs at and near the entrance. At this time only the first 800 feet was paved yet the road is in pretty good shape the rest of the way.
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Government Street Sidewalks: We are going to continue this project after the first of the year. Next we will build the sidewalk to the entrance of Heron Bayou. In addition I am working on building a wooden walkway at the bridge to join the sidewalks together.



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Hanley/Government St. Widening: This project is finally complete and traffic seems to move pretty smoothly. Drainage improvements were also made in addition to the curbs/gutters and additional lanes for traffic.


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Paving Projects

Magnolia Elementary Parent Drive: Thanks to County Supervisor John McKay for his assistance in getting this drive repaved.


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Pecan Park Drive



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Lafayette Circle


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Hanley Road


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Morris Noble Road


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Clay Boyd Park Basketball Court

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speed sign east.jpg (15210 bytes)Digital Speed signs heading east speed sign west.jpg (40915 bytes)Digital Speed signs heading west

Heron Bayou Upgrade

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Linnette Drive and Lynne Therese paving

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Future Projects:


Do you have an idea for a project in Ward 5? 
If so send me an email with an outline of your idea and I will look into it. To contact me just click here

Ocean Springs