Summary of EOC Meeting, Strategy Meeting, and Jackson County Update

Meeting Schedules for Monday September 26, 2005


0800    OPS Briefing                                                  Gym

0900    Health Group                                                 Room Hall

0915    Strategy                                                           Room 409

1030    Housing Group                                               Room 409      

1300    Damage Assessment                                       Room 409

1415    Debris Workshop                                            Room 409                                                                  


FEMA – Will have a meeting with Ocean Springs’ representatives about a temporary housing site at Highway 57 and Highway 90.


Fire – Ray Watson – The burn ban is still in effect.  We have not had enough moisture over the weekend.  A lot of people will probably try to start burning debris so please keep aware of the burn ban.   


Coast Guard – Most of the Coast Guard has been moved west to address Hurricane Rita needs.


Corps of Engineers – Some individuals or contractors are trying to charge $1,600 for blue roofs telling the applicants that they will later be reimbursed.  This is completely false.  The Corps does not charge for blue roofs; they are free.


There will also be a debris workshop today at Camp Gautier at 2:15PM.


Department of Health – The clinic will be moved from the tent facility to the Old Wellness Center in Pascagoula.  Chevron donated $250,000 to Jackson County.


Red Cross – Financial assistance sites are at the following locations:  St. Martin Community Center, Jackson Hewitt by JC Penney in singing River Mall, Jefferson St., St. Pauls, and the old WalMart Building in George County. 


Volunteer Coordinator – 5 teams are coming in from the East Coast.  The volunteer coordinator is also working on consolidating volunteer centers.  The phone number for the Volunteer Coordinator is 875-3416 and 875-3568. 


Salvation Army – The Salvation Army needs locations of eyeglass and denture providers in Ocean Springs or St. Martin that are open for their voucher program.


Team 4 – A group from Alaska will be coming in this week to replace the group from California.  They will be working on transitioning from the California Team to the Alaska Team and then to the local representatives.   


Liason – 22 water systems in Jackson County still must boil water. 


Starting on Wednesday morning, September 28, 2005, the morning briefings will be held at Gautier City Hall.  The Incident Command Post will be at La Font Inn in Pascagoula and break out meetings will be held at the Chamber of Commerce. 


The logistics team will be meeting with the Chamber of Commerce in order to develop long range plans. 


Operations – A food stamp program will be kicking off on Tuesday.  The operations team is also working on transitioning to the new Alaska team for the end of the week and also transitioning to local control. 


Communications  – 80 radios were given out from the County.  These were 800 megahertz radios.  The radios need to be returned.  Please contact Kody Kerwin at (925)383-5004.


Congressman Taylor’s Office – Congressman Taylor is having a Town Hall Meeting at Gautier City Hall.


Strategy Meeting –


  1. A emergency condemnation policy is suggested.  Pascagoula has written one which was derived from the International Property Maintenance Codes for 2003.  It is still suggested that the city attorneys come up with a policy that can be used county-wide.
  2. An operations chart is being put together that will have representatives from each city and the county for several areas:  Main point of contact for city, debris removal, public safety, human needs, and infrastructure.  Most cities are appointing the mayor or city manager as the main point of contact.  Police or fire chiefs are being named as points of contacts for public safety.  Debris Management is generally being led by public works.  Human Needs includes education, recovery, donations, temporary housing, volunteers, care and feeding.  Infrastructure includes public utilities, building inspection, and damage assessment. 



Friday September 23, 2005


Strategy Meeting


  1. Discussed forced evictions/ condemnations.  They would like for the all jurisdictions in the County to adopt the same policies.  It is suggested that city attorneys meet to discuss the policy together.
  2. Discussed cities signing right-of-entry.
  3. Project Kid is a group from Fairhope.  No one in Jackson County could authorize them to come in although they thought it was a good idea.  Senator Lott’s office authorized it.  It was suggested also that in the future, Senator Cochran’s office should be contacted. 
  4. Discussion took place about the request for building inspectors.  It can be reimbursed if it’s for safety, but it’s not reimbursable for damage assessment.  Jackson County and the other municipalities are also having difficulties getting additional building inspectors.
  5. The medical committee is focusing on getting Pascagoula Health Center up and running and getting primary care services in Moss Point.
  6. FEMA spoke about a new concept that they have for temporary housing.  It will house 1,200 people and 84 acres are needed.  The property in Ocean Springs at the intersection of Highway 90 and Highway 57. 

Meeting Schedules for Friday September 23, 2005


6800    OPS Briefing                                                  Gym

0900    Health Group                                                 Room 527

1030    Housing Group                                               Room 409      

0915    Strategy                                                           Room 409                  


Also, I called BFI about when recycling would begin.  They said that it is suspended until further notice; their recycling facility sustained a lot of damage.  They expect that it will not be operations for one or two months. 


Butch Loper – Based on a 7:00 AM phone conversation with the National Weather Service, Mr. Loper said that Hurricane Rita has sustained winds of 140 mps and is directed toward 304 degrees.  Landfall is expected to occur at the LA / TX line, but the storm should weaken around landfall.  Locally, we should have a tide surge of 4 to 5 feet in addition to the 2 feet increase that we have been experiencing since Hurricane Katrina.   We may have 2 to 3 inches of rain today and 1 to 2 inches tomorrow.  These conditions will be present locally today and tomorrow.  There probably will not be any tornado activity in our area. 


FEMA – DRCs are closed today.  FEMA is working using cruise ships for housing.  Camp Gautier will be closing down to enable the reopening of school.  The base camp will be moving to the horse arena in Vancleave.


Law Enforcement – Mike Byrd – Gautier will have 20 officers on alpha and bravo shifts.  Ocean Springs will have 7 officers for day shifts and six at night.  This makes for a County total of 97 officers for alpha shifts and 71 for bravo shifts.


Fire – Ray Watson – The burn ban is still in effect even though it is raining.


Coast Guard – The Coast Guard is monitoring the situation with Hurricane Rita in case they will have to be mobilized for that area.


Corps of Engineers – Work will slow down during the rain.  Blue roofs cannot be put on while it is raining and the debris cannot be unloaded while it is raining.


Department of Health – FEMA informed the DOH that the temporary trailers that would be provided to the Department of Health will now be delayed by several months because of Hurricane Rita.  The trailers were going to be used to replace the Department of Health facility in Pascagoula that was damaged in the storm


Volunteer Coordinator – The phone number for the Volunteer Coordinator is 875-3416 and 875-3568. 


Mental Health – Mental health assessments have been made in every community except Ocean Springs and St. Martin.  The mental health agencies are beginning to partner with other agencies that they would not have partnered with before for various reasons.


NOVA – Victim’s Assistance – Team members ae stationed in Pascagoua and Moss Point.  There is always a member at Camp Gautier because their main priority is to assist first emergency responders. 


Salvation Army – The Salvation Army needs a large quantity of boxes to help them with their move.  The mobile centers are on the streets and one will be in Orange Grove, Jackson County. 


Chevron – The refinery will be down until mid October.  They expect to return to normal in November.  Gas production should not be affected. 


Northrup Gruman – Employees are trickling in.  Power is supplied to all shops although not all shops are operational.  A lot of equipment has been damaged.  Efforts are concentrated on ships in the water.  Northup Gruman will expand its Human Resources office to open another location on Telephone Road in Pascagoula in addition to the HR offices located at the ship yards.  These offices are assisting with various needs such as State unemployment applications, FEMA applications, and temporary housing applications. 


Team 4 – Working on closing Camp Gautier to enable school to restart. 


Jackson County Information Officer – They are expecting to deal with a lot of rumor control.  If you hear of any rumors, please try to find accurate information and contact the Jackson county Information Officer to provide information regarding its accuracy. 


Supervisor Frank Leach – supervisor Leach urges that meeting attendees turn in daily situation or status reports. 

Debris removal available for eligible Jackson County Residents


Debris removal assistance is available for eligible Jackson County residents whose homes were damaged by Hurricane Katrina. County officials are offering to remove debris at no costs to residents, who, as a result of Hurricane Katrina:


      received significant damage from debris from surrounding areas AND


This assistance will be available for Jackson County residents living in the following areas –


To receive this assistance, residents must complete a “Right of Entry” form which grants the County and the contractor permission to enter the residents’ property and remove the damage.  Applicants must attach a brief description of the damage, sufficient for the County to determine whether it is a threat to public health and safety.  Because of FEMA guidelines, applicants are encouraged to submit the Right of Entry form no later than October 28, 2005.


Right of Entry forms are currently available at the Jackson County Civic Center on Shortcut Road in Pascagoula, St. Andrews Fire Station, Elks Lodge on Beach View, St Martin Library, and the West Jackson County Road Department. 


For more information, please contact the Jackson County Citizens Information Line (228-769-5870).



September 19, 2005


Important Phone Numbers


Mayor & Board of Aldermen:


Other Helpful Numbers:

Animal Shelter:


Blue Roof Locations:


Burn Ban:


Charitable Organizations:




Day Camp:


Debris, Garbage



Disaster Recovery Center







·        Moss Point (Pelican Landing, 6617 Hwy 613)

·        Pascagoula High School (off Market St)

·        Ocean Springs (OS Rd and Hwy 90 at Thrift Store)


FEMA flood insurance:


Food stamps:


Financial Assistance (Red Cross):






Hot Meals:


Housing, Temporary FEMA:


Naval Ship Comfort


Points of Distribution:


Postal Service:


Red Cross locations (financial assistance):


Report Price Gouging:


Rumor Hotline:


Salvation Army


Senator Trent Lott






Social Security:


Special Needs:


Tetanus Shots:














Water & Ice:


Water Quality