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Hurricane Katrina was a storm of unparalleled magnitude and left an estimated 23,000 Mississippi structures in need of some sort of roofing assistance. FEMA has assigned the Operation Blue Roof mission to the Army Corps of Engineers.

Estimates are that our roofing teams and contract partners will be required to place about 2 square miles of the familar blue plastic roofing over Mississippi structures over the next 60 days.

Gulf Coast residents can now sign up for the Blue Roof Program as Sign Up Stations open in your county.

Please check this web site daily as we are opening new Sign Up Stations and adding new information each day.

Additional counties are being added as the need is expressed by county officials and additional team members arrive from our national emergency response group.

Additional Blue Roof Sign Up Stations locations will be posted on this website and  released through local media and EOC outlets.

Mississippi residents or their agents (e.g. a neighbor or friend) may file in any county where Sign Up Centers are active, regardless of your county of residence, as long as the county qualifies for this program.

You will be required to sign a right of entry form to allow us to come onto your property to assess your structure and then assign your job to our contract roofing team.

Operation Blue Roof is a priority mission managed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for the Department of Homeland Security's Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

The program provides assistance to storm victims in disaster areas through the installation of rolled plastic sheeting on damaged roofs, thereby helping to protect property and allowing residents to remain in their homes.

Disaster experience has proven that it is more efficient for residents to come to a servicing center rather than have limited disaster workers go door to door when only 10% of home owners will actually be in the home.

Corps roofing team members will go to the property, do a damage and eligibility assessment, and give the roofing contractor a tasking order.  Property owners should expect work within 14 days of the request.

Corps roofing team members will have proper identification and uniforms.  Citizens should not hesitate to ask persons approaching their property for proper identification.

Hours of operation are generally 7-7. No one will be turned away who is already in line at closing time.

Operation Blue Roof Team Reports, as of 16 Sept 05, 0900
Contractors: Carothers Construction, Ceres Environmental

Individual Requests Received (Previous Day): 1,391
Total Requests Received: 11,089
Roofs Installed (Previous Day): 680
Total Installed: 2,699
Total Crews To Date: 175
Anticipated Days Remaining:
32 (very weather dependent)




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