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If there is any information that you would like posted on this page please forward it to me via email or just call me at 875-8284 and give me the information over the phone. I have purchased enough web server space to accommodate many pages for you, so if you have any pictures you would like posted send those along as well. ~ Jerry


On December 12, 2001 the Bienville Place Owners Association held their annual meeting at the Ocean Springs Singing River Hospital Library. The main topics included: setting the budget and dues assessment, election of officers, and review of accomplishments during 2001. The proposed budget was increased from $12,850.00 in year 2001 to $15,850.00 in year 2002.

Elected as officers for 2002 were:

David Oswalt President
Bobby Wineski  Vice President
Ann Utterback  Treasurer
Dana Wineski Secretary


Elected to the Architectural Review Board were:

Mart Windham
Gary Freeman
Don Smith

The drainage ditch that runs from Hanshaw Rd to Lacroux never drained properly in the past and Public works has just completed the necessary repairs to correct it.

The city attempted to run water to the island on Dijon during the summer but ran in to many problems because the water line was located too deep in the ground by the developers. Public Works is still trying to find a way to address this problem.

I addressed the issue of speeding in your neighborhood to the Board at the December 18th meeting and Chief Belk has been asked to keep a close watch on this in the future. There was some discussion last year of putting speed bumps in the neighborhood but after researching this I have discovered that this approach is problematic. I discussed this issue with the City Planner and the City Attorney and at this time it just doesn't look like a viable option. There are liability issues for the city that I can't go in to here but if you have any questions about this please call me and I will be happy to discuss it with you. 





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