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For those individuals who lost their homes and are interested in placing temporary housing on their permanent home site, the City is establishing temporary zoning ordinances to allow this as people work to rebuild their homes. It is imperative that all regulations related to water and sewer hook-ups for this circumstance be strictly adhered to in order to protect the public health. For more information, contact the Building Department, 875-6712. In addition, if no address is visible from the street, it is important that some type of address marker be erected in order to provide correct address information for public service and emergency personnel.

Click here for info on FEMA's Blue Roof program


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FEMA Manual "Help after a disaster an applicants guide"


Temporary Housing Policy


Temporary Housing Application For Ocean Springs residents

The above is a Word file...to read the new application for temporary housing click here

Has a contractor involved in debris removal damaged your property? At the Sept. 20th Board of Aldermen meeting several of us related to the board that constituents have called with complaints that their property has been damaged by the debris removal contractors. If this has happened to your property the mayor asked that she be notified. You can reach her at 219-1699 for resolution to this problem.

Katrina Help Information

Katrina Survivor-Connector List
This is a very useful tool to check on family and friends
Add your own name as a survivor so those that may have no
information about you can rest easy until you are able to contact them

Below are thumbnails of photos taken throughout the community.
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