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    "Ocean Springs"

"Ocean Springs"

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Noble souls, through dust and heat, rise from disaster and defeat, the stronger....
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The Splash Park is coming!
Work is well underway on the Clay Boyd Splash Park. Completion is expected to be early this summer and it is sure to provide plenty of fun for the kids as they cool off during the summer heat

Pay your Water Bill Online Here

"Ocean Springs, Mississippi" Street Map of the City - Click Here for a map of all streets within the city and surrounding areas. This is a PDF file and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free download from the Adobe web site.

"Ocean Springs, Mississippi"  O.S. Sales Tax Collections - Of the 7% collected in retail sales tax on every dollar spent within our city limits, 18.5% is rebated or "diverted" back to the city. Sales taxes are the primary revenue source for the city. To review current as well as archived monthly sales tax receipts click the title link above.

"Ocean Springs, Mississippi"   Archived Minutes - Read thousands of pages of archived Minutes from past Board of Aldermen meetings.

"Ocean Springs, Mississippi" 20-year Comprehensive Plan: This document is a statement of the community's vision for its future and a guide to achieve that vision through the year 2020.  The vision expressed in the Plan is shaped by local community values, ideals, and aspirations about the best management and use of the community's resources. This is a large document and could take a few minutes to load in your browser with a standard modem connection.  
"Ocean Springs, Mississippi" JOBS. Check current jobs available with the city by clicking here.

The City of Ocean Springs Ordinances, Zoning, and Subdivision Regulations are available for viewing online. Click here to view.

"Ocean Springs, Mississippi" Water Quality Score: The State's annual inspection of the City's Water System was recently performed including a separate inspection of Sunplex also owned by the City. The three areas of review were Technical, Managerial, and Financial and our city attained a PERFECT score of 5.0 on both of it's systems. This surpasses our past aggregate score of 4.5 and while the previous score placed us in the top 10% statewide, our current score of 5.0 will place us at the top! This rating is a reflection of the concerted effort by the City to provide the highest possible quality of water service for Ocean Springs residents. Upcoming expansions of the City's water system will be accomplished with the same due diligence in our efforts to maintain these same results.

This link to all Mississippi Towns includes the associated county where the community is located...............

"Ocean Springs, Mississippi" Digital Speed Signs Through a State Highway Safety Grant I was able to have two digital speed signs installed along Government St. heading east near Stark Bayou and heading west just off the Davis Bayou bridge. From all indications vehicle speed has been significantly reduced and the new signs are a constant reminder for motorists of the speed they are traveling. Click Here to view them

Update: After repeated acts of vandalism the sign near Davis Bayou Bridge was removed. Both signs have been vandalized over the years. They have been broken, sprayed with paint, shot with a handgun, and knocked down. Public Works crews always did a fine job whenever there was a problem and they have been sent back to the manufacturer for repair many times but for one of them it was no longer able to be fixed. During the previous administration I asked the Board to approve a cash reward for any information leading to the arrest of the vandals. That reward in excess of 1 thousand dollars is still being offered as of this date Dec. 2007. Just send me an anonymous email with the information and if the vandals are caught we will make arrangements for payment of the cash reward.


"Ocean Springs, Mississippi" Street paving:
   Hanley Road from Government St. to Gulf Islands National Park
   Lafayette Circle both north and south streets (entire circle)
   Morris Noble Road
   Magnolia Elementary Parent Drive

"Ocean Springs, Mississippi" Did you know that Ocean Springs is one of the oldest cities in the nation? Read more interesting facts about our city HERE

"Ocean Springs, Mississippi"
Wallpaper Images: Here are some very nice digital images taken from gardens around the City. You are welcome to use them as wallpaper on your computer. To see the images click HERE



Created November 2001 - Last Updated May 2008

I created this website with the goal of keeping my constituents informed on City matters. Let me know  what you are interested in reading when you log on. Visit often and watch as this site grows. ~ Alderman Jerry Dalgo

"Ocean Springs, Mississippi" Have you ever been to a meeting of the Board of Aldermen? Come whenever you can and bring your  daughter or son along. This is a great way to show your child how our system of government works. Board meetings are held the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6 P.M. in the City Hall Board Room. At every meeting, time is set aside for audience participation to discuss issues with your elected officials. Your input is vital. I believe that the best decisions are made when those who are directly affected by them, participate in the decision making process.
Heron Bayou Walkway - Bids have been awarded for the Heron Bayou Walkway Project. This project, using State Transportation Improvement Program funds, will begin where the sidewalk ends west of the Heron Bayou Bridge and will connect to the entrance of the Heron Bayou subdivision. An 8 foot wide wooden walkway complete with railings and a nature observation area will be constructed on pilings along the north side of the bridge and will run along the marsh. Beyond the marsh the walkway will then connect to the entrance of the Heron Bayou neighborhood with a sidewalk. When completed 6 neighborhoods, Bienville Place, Heron Bayou, Magnolia Bayou, Promenade, Whitney Oaks, and Beverly Place will be seamlessly connected. Walkers or joggers will be able to travel nearly 5 miles roundtrip from Hanshaw Road to Beverly Place. The distance traveled can easily exceed that by entering the neighborhoods and using various routes.

"Ocean Springs, Mississippi" Around Ward 5: Here you can find a visual report of  various Ward 5 projects. There is always something going on so check back often.

Ray Bellande, local historian and Ocean Springs     resident, is in my view currently the most  knowledgeable person on our community's past. We are indeed fortunate now that Hurricane Katrina has taken so much from us that Ray, over many years, compiled such a vast resource of information to share with others. Please visit his site located here and and you will agree with me that someone who loves this community as much as Ray has created a legacy for generations to come.

"Ocean Springs, Mississippi" New Ward Lines: The Justice Department requires every municipality in our state to redraw the ward lines after each census. The census of 2000 showed that Ward 5 was out of proportion with the population of the other wards. Approximately 1000 current Ward 5 residents will now reside and vote in Ward 4 when the new boundaries take effect which is the next General Election. I have the new map loaded on my server as an Adobe PDF file and you can examine the changes by clicking here. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer to view the file. Be sure to select the magnifier button and click to zoom in on the area you are interested in. If you click repeatedly on an area or set the zoom percentage to 1600 % the actual names of the streets will become visible.


"Ocean Springs, Mississippi" Heron Bayou Upgrade: Using a combination of City, County, and State Grant funds, I was recently able to give the entrance to Heron Bayou Subdivision a facelift. The entrance medians have been planted with a variety of hardy shrubs, plants, and trees and water lines and cedar mulch were also added. In addition, both the entrance and exit to the neighborhood was repaved. Also repaved was Lynne Therese Circle and part of Linnett Drive. Click here to see a few pictures. 
"Ocean Springs, Mississippi" Ocean Springs Traffic Info
"Ocean Springs, Mississippi" Hanley Rd./Government St. Intersection: This project, when completed, will ease the bottleneck that occurs in the morning and late afternoon. There will be turning lanes installed and the area will be curbed and guttered. It should be very similar in appearance to the intersection at Holcomb Blvd.. 
As of this writing ( November 23rd, 2003 ) most of the work has been completed. Only the sidewalk on the east side remains to be constructed. Click Here to view.

"Ocean Springs, Mississippi" Ocean Springs Population Info

"Ocean Springs, Mississippi" Ward 5 Sidewalks: I was able to secure funding for the construction of sidewalks in our ward.  When completed the sidewalks will be located on the north side of Government Street. They will be 6 feet wide so they will be safe to walk, jog, or ride a bike on. This is a joint effort by the City and County and I appreciate the assistance of District 5 Supervisor John McKay as well as the support from my Board for making this long needed project a reality. Construction will occur in 2 phases. The first phase has already begun and will span from Promenade to the Heron Bayou Bridge. 
UPDATE: The County and Public Works started construction on September 2nd. Due to wetlands issues the sidewalk will stop at the Heron Bayou bridge for right now. The Army Corps and DMR have indicated that a waiver will be granted and no wetlands permit will be necessary. I am working on trying to build a wooden walkway/observation/fishing pier on the north side of the bridge so that no one will have to cross Government street to access the sidewalk to/from Heron Bayou subdivision.  Crosswalks will be painted on Government by Magnolia Elementary and Stark Bayou while school is out for Thanksgiving.

Click Here for a list of famous celebrities that were born in our state.

"Ocean Springs, Mississippi"
Ocean Springs Economic Information


Hurricane Katrina Information
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